About James

james01After 26 years in the hospitality trade, the professional chef and trained culinary educator still exudes an infectious, abiding enthusiasm.

The fervor is backed by solid qualifications, well-honed skills and vast experience.

James has worked in London’s best restaurant kitchens and fed some of New Zealand’s most discerning, well-heeled diners. He teaches professionals and home chefs. He can cater for hordes and for intimate, at-home dinner parties. He will trouble shoot for restauranteurs and design and cost menus. And he can teach a child to bake a cake.

“When I’m not preparing food, I’m thinking about food. Or growing it. Or figuring out how to get my hands on the neighbour’s bumper tomato crop. This is not a job, this is my life. I am so fortunate that I still feel excited about what I do,” he says. “And my biggest buzz comes from sharing the passion.”

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