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Warm salads

warm salads

Saturday September 10th 12.30pm to 4.30pm approx
Sunday September 11th 10am to 2pm approx

whats in season
quick dishes from the pan
healthy one bowl dishes
a treat that is sweet

$90 per person



Small plates and tapas style food

Saturday 2 April 1pm to 5pm approx
Sunday 3 April 9am to 1pm approx

simple casual food to share
ideas from the sea
from the farm
and from the garden
$90 per person

Avocado and Bacon Tapas

What fun it was introducing people to the classic Spanish style of eating. For me, and us in New Zealand I believe, it is about the style of cookery and eating, more than the ingredients. Take our wonderful array of seasonal ingredients, add some simple techiques and serve them in a ‘shared style of eating’. Dont over think it or overwork it, pick one or two main ingedients, work them with simple techiques and you will have plates of sharing food to proudly grace any occasion.

A bowl or plate or marinated fresh fish with avocado a great example

the magic of fire

Wood fired cookery

Sunday 6 march 10am to 2pm approx

crank up the wood fired oven
breads and meats
fire up the BBQ
vegetables and seafood
condiments to accompany
$95 per person
note content may change due to the weather


‘What fun cooking with a wood fire is’.. a comment from  someone who enjoyed the wood fire experience

lighting a good fire
the importance of quality wood
the wood taste factor
the range of foods suited to a wood fire

summer class

Alfresco Summer

Saturday  13 February  10am to 1pm approx
Sunday 14 February 2pm to 6pm approx
Saturday 5 march 9am to 1pm approx

whats in the garden
quick easy salads
dressings and mayonnaise
skin on fish
raw sweet treat to finish
$90 per person

cooking pics 005

 Very happy people.  12 people shared and enjoyed the summer salads class… they were introduced to the foundation concepts of dressings and fun fun