Cooking classes Tauranga

Te Pahi


The bus, The place. For me the place.The place i was born, the place i grew up. The place i watched my mother cook wonderful meals. The place my father gardened and grew wonderful food for mum to cook. The place we ran, chased played and had the freedom to be kids.The place we caught eels in the creek. The place mum patched us up, cleaned us, fed us and looked after us.

To have a dream and  then walk the steps to create it is a wonderful thing. My dream has been to have a place called Te Pahi. A place where i can grow and cook and share wonderful food with people. The place where i can show people that to eat well is a simple thing, that  it does not have to take hours or cost a fortune. The dream is alive… The dream is here. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found then, created something i truly love doing.

Cuisine Concepts has it home at Te Pahi. Cuisine Concepts is available to run your own cooking class, be it a canape demonstration with a group of friends, a summer salads class for special clients, Christmas fun for staff or maybe a hands on dinner party class with close friends and family. A hands on class preparing and cooking whats in season. Cuisine Concepts can also come to you and your venue. Cuisine Concepts also has access to a range of venues, that maybe suited to larger numbers. Contact James to discuss

Welcome to the Cuisine Concepts
cooking classes

My Tauranga cooking classes have a strong focus, on wood fired, out door cookery, especially in the warmer summer months. A purpose built wood fired oven was commissioned at the end of 2014  and has now had quite a  few fires under its belt.
Another feature of Te Pahi classes is the seasonal focus on ingredients and creating classes around whats in the extensive Te Pahi gardens and Orchards.

Also don’t be shy to get in contact if you would like a class at a venue of your choice.

The weapon




An introduction to simple ancient preservation techniques

May 7th  1pm to 5pm
May 9th 10am to 2pm

May 21st 1pm to 5pm
May 23rd 10am to 2pm

June 19th 10am to 2pom
June 20th 10am to 2pm


A taste of Spring
The magic of Asparagus
Avocados are here
Flat bread

September 4th 2pm to 6pm
September 5th 10am to 2pm

September 18th 2pm to 6pm
September 19th 10am to 2pm

October 2nd 2pm to 6pm
October 3rd 10am to 2pm

October 16th 2pm to 6pm
October 17th 10am to 2pm

October 30th 2pm to 6pm
November 31st 10am to 2pm

$95 per person
recipes supplied and food created is devoured



Light the wood fired oven
wood roasted protein
Roasted garden vegetables
Flat bread
Seasonal serving condiments

November 5th 2pm to 6pm
November 7th 10am to 2pm

November 19th 2pm to 6pm
November 21th 10am to 2pm

December 3rd 2pm to 6pm
December 5th 10am to 2pm

$95 per person
recipes supplied and food created is devoured


Your class, your content and date
Just get in touch

Grab a group of friends or work colleges and get in touch.
Could be a work do, or a thank you to staff or a group of friends who want to gather together around some food
Contents and dates to suit yourselves.

Te Pahi has a wood fired oven and a wood fired BBQ


Wonderful ways with seafood

Tapas style sharing plates

Summer salads

Whats in season in the garden

Relish and chutney

Yours.. what would you like to learn?

to many more to mention

Classes are at my fun, healthy, educational
kitchen and garden in Tauranga.

Classes are hands on
Recipes sheets supplied
Food created is eaten

Contact James to book a class or for more information