Haricot Beans

Haricot beans. They so deserve a higher place on the shopping list. Rich in protein, thiamin, folate, iron and magnesium. Generally purchased in two forms, cooked  and canned , or the better way as a dried pulse.

The beans become easier to digest, and remove some of the flatulence related to dried beans, by pre soaking them. This also speeds up the cooking time.

Used in many ways and  are a star in number of different dishes. They partner very well with salty type ingredients like olives, preserved lemons, capers, pickled gherkins and anchovies. Makes a fantastic puree with  lots of lemon, zest and juice, fresh Italian parsley, garlic and olive oil. The perfect beans braised  together with smoked paprika, garlic, tomatoes,  and a  smoky ham hock, to create wonderful home made ‘baked beans’.

A favourite is to add black olives, picked parsley leaf, preserved lemons, steamed diced red skin potatoes, fresh mint with cooked cooled haricots. Toss together and season well with falky sea salt, fresh pepper and some good extra virgin olive oil. Simply divine and perfect partner for some grilled oily fish like fresh mackerel or piper; or serve with BBQ marinated lamb shoulder.

Cheap and readily available in most grocery stores. Put them on your shopping list today!


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