Knoll Ridge Cafe

Cuisine concepts has been involved with the set up of the new Knoll Ridge cafe at the top of the waterfall express chair on Mount Ruapehu. Lots of behind the seens menu planning, recipe compilation and training. All the work came to realisation on Friday 27th August, with the doors to the brand new, stunning facility being opened.

Perched on the top of Knoll Ridge, under the Pinnacles, this new 500 plus seater cafe is a stunning achievement in 18 months. It replaces the old cafe which was destroyed by fire.The specification on certain parts of the building is astounding. The building is wrapped on 3 sides with huge glass windows. The glass imported from Germany is double glazed 13ml thick, that is able to withstand 300km winds!

In the back sits an engine room, with massive horsepower, and the latest hardware to feed the masses.A huge modern kitchen that has very carefully been thought out by food and beverage manager JT. A huge project that Cuisine Concepts has been privileged to be involved with. A highlight to date in my career. Watch this space for developments on Knoll Ridge and Mount Ruapehu.

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