The ultimate breakfast. Coarse cut oat grains, Thick Greek style yoghurt and your choice of fresh or dried fruit. The perfect way to start the day.

Rolled oats are older than time in Scotland as a grain served at breakfast time. Boiled with a little water and salt to slightly thickened and served with cream and brown sugar.Breakfast done! Excess porridge had mutton fat melted through it, poured out of the saucepan and set into a biscuit like shape. When cold this was pocketed and carried into the hills.Born was the famous Scottish Stovie.

The secret to good porridge is a few things. Soak the grain overnight in cold water, just enough to cover. This activates the growing enzyme in the oat, and makes it easier for the body to digest. Soak dried fruit like raisins, sultanas or dates with the oats as well. Bring to the boil and simmer till slightly thickened. Serve with thick unsweetened yoghurt. Add a nut like almonds and the perfect morning breakfast has been created. Yum!!


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