It is a cliche, but is so true, that business is all about staff . No staff, or poor quality staff and we have no business or a poorly run business. The argument that staff are the most important people to look after is true. Well looked after good staff the go on to look after our customers

The single biggest issue facing the hospitality in the 2015 going  forward is staff. On top of the fact that the number of hospitality businesses in New Zealand, and definitely in the bay of plenty region, has exploded. Add to the fact there is just not the number of people coming through into the hospitality industry, gives big reason for issues and concern going forward.

Cuisine Concepts can help.

  1. Full process
  • Run add, seek and trade me
  • Interview, Skype, reference checks, short list, interview
  • Seek $260 approx, first
  • Trade me $180 approx, second if no Seek success
  • Hourly rate $85
  • Normally minimum 5 hour job
  • 7 day account or by negotiation
  • Mileage, if any @. 85c per k, $10 per hour drive time
  • All plus GST
  1. Finder fee
  • Find staff
  • Charge finder fee if the staff stay the full 90 day trial period
  • Head chef and manager $650
  • Sous chef, assistant manager, Maitre de $450
  • All other staff $350
  • All plus GST