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The modern cafe has so many more angles than just great coffee and food. Its a place to meet socially, its a place to meet formally and do business. Its a place to check emails and sort the days digital correspondence. Its a place to catch up on the news, globally, locally and the table next door.Its a place to have work discussions. Its a place to celebrate birthdays.

Smart cafes offer accounts, provide table service to there regulars and go the extra distance and create an environment for people to do business, a lot of which is normally done in an office.

My office is the best around, actually best around for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Grindz Cafe, First Ave Tauranga. Owner operators  are a hubby and wife team , Steve and Lesley.

Steve is the front man. The man who never stops smiling and welcoming guests. The man who says yes to soya flat white decaf lattes, says yes to Big Grinds Breckies. The man who says yes to triple short blacks. The man who is in first five position calling the shots and controlling the flow of the team.The man who takes your tin and sends your order down the very efficient line. The man who sets the flavor of the cafe. The man who plays good tunes.

Lesley is in the kitchen, the small but very powerful engine room. The one who pumps out hundreds of breckies. The one who starts before the birds in the morning and fills the cake stands and cookie jars with lots of quality yummy sweetness. The one who fills up the cold cabinet with salads, pies and all wonder of savory creations. The one who pumps out an impressive array of sweet and savory muffins.The one who commands her small but  very efficient team to create and serve the great cafe food we regulars know about.

Quality and consistency are the keys factors in running a good cafe. Grindz ticks those both off with 100% pass. If Grindz was a band they would be rock stars. If Grindz was a sport team they would be the winning all blacks. If cafes could receive Knighthoods it would be Sir and Lady Grindz!!

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