A good knife


It is probably a chef thing to go on an on about the importance of a good quality sharp knife. The truth, i think even some chefs don’t have  good sharp knives, and more importantly, realize how important it is to have one. A good knife starts with quality hard steel, that has been forged in one piece, creating a full tang knife. The handle is then attached to it. The steel is very hard, which makes it difficult to sharpen when the knife  gets really blunt, but the hardness means the honed knife edge stays sharp for a longer period. Maintaining a sharp knife will prevent this
The smarts of a sharp knife are many

  • A blunt knife bruises the food before it cuts the food
  • Less pressure is needed to cut with a sharp knife
  • A sharp knife makes cutting, slicing boning etc way more accurate
  • A sharp knife makes tasks quicker and easier
  • More pleasure and satisfaction from the cook using a sharp knife

A suggestion would be to start with one, good quality cooks knife. Learn the skill of use and maintenance, and grow a small collection of task specific knives from there

knives on rack

  • Don’t share them
  • Always cut on a wooden or nylon cutting board
  • look after them
  • Store and and look after them propley
  • maintain the edge all the time


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