Cured Salmon

Cured salmon with caper mayonnaise

150gm rock salt

250 dark brown sugar or muscavado sugar

Large bunch fresh dill chopped

Fillet of skin on fresh salmon

Mix together sugar, salt and dill. Cut salmon in half to give to equal sizes piece. Spread salt mix on to one flesh side of one of the salmon pieces. Place other half on top. Place in container and cover with glad wrap. Place another container on top, and apply weight and refrigerate. Caned food works well. Place in fridge for 3 days. Drain of liquid that appears everyday. Slice thinly and serve with toast or crackers and caper mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise recipe

2 egg yolks

10ml vinegar

2 gm salt

2gm whole grain mustard

250ml salad oil

10 ml lemon juice

10 ml boiling water

In mixer combine egg yolks, vinegar, salt, and mustard. Mix till combined, then while mixing drizzle in oil. Add lemon juice then boiling water. Enough boiling water to slightly thin the mix. Check and adjust seasoning if required.

Makes approx 300mls. Add chopped capers to this recipe.

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